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علوم الأرض / ABRAHAMS, ATHOL D.



Distinguish Professor
Department of Geography
State University of New York at Buffalo
Buffalo , NY, USA.

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hydrology, soil erosion.

During the past three years the focus of his research has shifted from overland flow to sediment transport in open-channel flow. Thus far, using data from the literature, Pr A. Abrahams has developed a bed-load transport equation for sheet flow (i.e. open-channel flow of high intensity). (Abrahams, 2002) and, in collaboration with Peng Gao, two bed-load transport equations which give identical predictions. The first bed-load transport equation uses flow power and the second uses shear stress as the measure of flow intensity that drives the sediment transport (Abrahams and Gao, 2002). The first equation has a theoretical basis in Bagnold\\\\\\\'s (1966) energy equation, while the second is based on a dimensional analysis. The second equation has been extended into a total load transport equation. Work is continuing on the internal structure of sheet flow and the frequency with which flows in natural river channels transport bed load at capacity.


1963-66 Teachers\\\\\\\' College Scholarship, University of Sydney
1966 University Medal in Geomorphology
1967-71 Commonwealth Post-Graduate Scholarship, University of Sydney
1971-73 Izaac Walton Killam Memorial Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Alberta
1982 Fellow of the Geological Society of America
1985 G. K. Gilbert Award, Association of American Geographers
1985 Gladys W. Cole Research Award, Geological Society of America
1992 Association of American Geographers Honors
2002 David Linton Award, British Geomorphological Research Group



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Recent Journal Articles

2002 Abrahams, A.D., \\\\\\\"A bedload transport equation for sheet flow,\\\\\\\" Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, in press.
2002 Gao, P. and Abrahams, A.D., \\\\\\\"Bedload transport resistance in rough open-channel flows.\\\\\\\" Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, submitted.
2002 Parsons, A.J., Wainwright, J., Schlesinger, W.H., and Abrahams, A.D. \\\\\\\"The role of overland flow in sediment and nutrient budgets of mesquite dunefields, southern New Mexico,\\\\\\\" Journal of Arid Environments, in press.
2002 2002 Atkinson, J.F., Abrahams, A.D., and Vegesna, U. \\\\\\\"Experimental study of overland transport of Cryptosporidium Parvum Oocysts,\\\\\\\" Water Science, submitted
2002 Abrahams, A.D., Parsons, A.J., and Wainwright, J. \\\\\\\"Disposition of rainwater under creosotebush,\\\\\\\" Hydrological Processes, in press.
2002 Howes, D.A. and Abrahams, A.D. \\\\\\\"Modeling runoff and runon in a desert shrubland ecosystem, Jornada Basin, New Mexico,\\\\\\\" Geomorphology, in press.
2002 Neave, M. and Abrahams, A.D. \\\\\\\"Vegetation influences on water yields from grassland and shrubland ecosystems in the Chihuahuan Desert,\\\\\\\" Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 27, 1011-1020.

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