NURSE, PAUL M. / علم الطب / الباحثون

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علم الطب / NURSE, PAUL M.


Director-General, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, London,
Head of the Cell Cycle Laboratory, London Research Institute, Lincoln's Inn Fields Laboratories, London, UK.

مواضيع البحث

To thoroughly understand how the eukaryotic cell cycle is controlled and how cell division generates two spatially organised cells from the original single cell, and to establish the relevance of these controls for cancer.


1991 - Feldberg Prize for Medical Research (UK/Germany)
1992 - Louis Jeantet Prize for Medicine in Europe (Switzerland)
1992 - Gairdner Foundation International Award (Canada)
1993 - Royal Society Wellcome Medal (UK)
1993 - Jimenez Diaz Memorial Award and Medal (Spain)
1993 - Rosenstiel Award and Medal for Distinguished Work in Basic Medical Sciences (USA)
1994 - Purkyne Medal, Czech Academy of Science (Czech Republic)
1995 - Pezcoller Award for Oncology Research (Italy)
1995 - Royal Society Royal Medal (UK)
1996 - Dr. Josef Steiner Prize (Switzerland)
1996 - Dr. H. P. Heineken Prize for Biochemistry & Biophysics (The Netherlands)
1997 - General Motors Cancer Research Foundation Alfred P. Sloan Jr. Prize & Medal (USA)
1998 - Berkan Judd Award (USA)
1998 Albert Lasker Award (USA)

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2001, with Leland H. Hartwell and R. Timothy Hunt, "for their discoveries of key regulators of the cell cycle".


Mata J and Nurse P. tealp and the microtubular cytoskeleton are important for generating global spatial order within the fission yeast cell. Cell 1997; 89: 939-949.

Cooper JP, Watanabe Y and Nurse P. Fission yeast Taz1 protein is required for meiotic telomere clustering and recombination. Nature 1998; 392: 828-831.

Watanbe Y and Nurse P. Cohesin Rec8 is required for reductional chromosome segregation at meiosis. Nature 1999; 400: 461-464.

Nurse P. A long twentieth century of the cell cycle and beyond. Cell 2000; 100: 71-78.

Nishitani H, Lygerou Z, Nishimoto T and Nurse P. The Cdt1 protein is required to license DNA for replication in fission yeast. Nature 2000; 404: 625-628.

Brunner D and Nurse P. CLIP170-like tip1p spatially organises microtubular dynamics in fission yeast. Cell 2000; 102: 695-704.

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