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الرياضيات / BABUSKA, IVO M.


Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics and Mathematics
Robert B. Trull Chair in Engineering
Department of Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, Texas, USA.

مواضيع البحث

- Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
- Computational Problems of Solid Mechanics
- Theory of Partial Differential Equations

Dr. Babuska specializes in numerical solution of partial differential equations, especially the finite element method, and applied mathematics in general. His major field of application is continuum mechanics.


Winner of the Czechoslovak State Prize for Mathematics 1968
Humboldt Senior U.S. Scientist Award of Federal Republic of Germany 1976
Adjunct Professor, Shanghai University of Science and Technology, People’s Republic of China 1982
Sigma Xi Achievement Award for Contribution to Science, University of Maryland Chapter 1984
Medal: Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia 1992
Medal: For Merit in the Development of Mechanics, 1993, Czech Society for Mechanics, Prague, Czech Republic
Birkhoff Prize: American Mathematical Society and Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics 1994
J. von Neumann Medal, U.S. Association for Computational Mechanics 1995
Honorary Member of the Association of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists, 1996
Commemorative Medal of the Association of Czech Mathematician and Physicists for Merits in Development of Mathematics and Physics, 1996
Bolzano Medal, Czech Academy of Sciences, 1996
Fellow of US Association of Computational Mechanics, 1997
Honorary Foreign Member of Czech Learned Society, 1998

In 2003, he has been honored by having an asteroid named for him by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).


He has published more than 300 scientific publications in the field of mathematics, numerics and mechanics.

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Babuska, I., T. Strouboulis, S.K. Gangaraj. K. Copps, and D.K. Datta, "A posteriori estimation of the error in the error estimate," Studies in Applied Mechanics 47: Advances in Adaptive Computational Methods in Mechanics, P. Ladeveze and J.T. Oden (eds.) 155-197, Elsevier, 1998.

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