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علم الفلك / CHAISSON, ERIC


Director of the H. Dudley Wright Center for Innovative Science Education at Tufts University, Wright Center for Science Education Research Professor of Physics and Astronomy and Research Professor of Education
Associate of the Harvard College Observatory, and Co-Director of the MIT Space Grant Consortium.

Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences and the Sloan Foundation.

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the radio astronomical study of interstellar gas clouds, a thermodynamic study of physical and biological phenomena, thereby searching for underlying common features as clues to the origins and evolution of material systems throughout the Universe.

His educational research involves working with experienced teachers and computer animators to discover better ways and novel curricula to enthuse teachers and instruct students in all aspects of science, mathematics and engineering.


Harvard's Book Prize for original contributions to astrophysics and Harvard's Smith Prize for literary merit.


Author of several books, including "Cosmic Dawn" which won several literary awards such as the Phi Beta Kappa Prize, the American Institute of Physics Award, and a National Book Award Nomination of distinguished science writing. His other books include two works on relativity, a textbook on cosmic evolution, and a volume (co-authored with George Field) outlining the scientific rationale for the United States' national space policy. His most current book, "The Hubble Wars", also won the American Institute of Physics Science Writing Award, and his textbook "Astronomy Today" (co-authored with S. McMillan) is the most widely used college astronomy textbook in the nation.

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