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علم الفلك / GELLER, MARGARET J.


Senior Scientist at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory

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Margaret J. Geller was a pioneer in mapping the nearby universe. Her maps provided a new view of the enormous patterns in the distribution of galaxies like the Milky Way --- the largest patterns we know.

Dr. Geller\'s long-range scientific goals are to discover what the universe looks like and to understand how it came to have the rich patterns we observe today. To put the pieces of this grand puzzle together her research projects range from the structure of our own galaxy, the Milky Way, to mapping the distribution of the mysterious, ubiquitous dark matter in the universe.

Dr. Geller\'s current main research interests are:

- Mapping the distribution of the mysterious, ubiquitous dark matter in the universe. She leads a project called SHELS.

- Investigating the implications of the discovery of hypervelocity stars, stars ejected a high velocity from the Galactic center. These stars can travel across the Milky Way and may be an important tracer of the matter distribution in the Galaxy. Geller is a co-discoverer of this new class of objects.

- Mapping clusters of galaxies to understand how these systems develop over the history of the universe.

- Measuring and interpreting the signatures of star formation in the spectra of galaxies to understand the links between the star formation in galaxies and their environment.


2008 : recipient of Magellanic Premium of the American Philosophical Society

2002 : Medaille de l\'ADION
in recognition of her \"eminent contributions to the study of the structure and evolution of systems of galaxies.\"

1997 : recipient of a Library Lion from the New York Public Library

1996 : recipient of the Klopsteg Award of the American Association of Physics Teachers

1991 : recipient of the Newcomb-Cleveland Award of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

1990 : MacArthur Foundation Fellowship

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