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Eugene Higgins Professor of Mathematics,
Chair of the Department of Mathematics at Princeton University, Princeton, USA.

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His fields of research are number theory and arithmetic geometry.

In the late 1630s, a French mathematician named Pierre de Fermat wrote a note in a book regarding the statement: For each whole number n, greater than 2, the equation xn + yn = zn has no solutions which are positive whole numbers. Then, Fermat wrote, \"I have a truly marvelous demonstration of this proposition which this margin in too narrow to contain.\"

Wiles himself first read about the theorem as a boy, and he spent a total of eight years in search of a proof. He first announced a solution on June 23, 1993, at the conclusion of a lecture at the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge, England. When mathematicians raised questions about his proof, Wiles himself noticed a flaw. That sent him back to work for nearly a year. Finally, in October 1994, Wiles unveiled his revised proof, which has been confirmed by experts in the field.


LMS Whitehead Prize (1988)
Fellow of the Royal Society (1989)
Fermat Prize (1995)
Wolf Prize (1995/6)
British Mathematical Colloquium plenary speaker (1996)
NAS Award in Mathematics (1996)
AMS Colloquium Lecturer (1996)
Royal Society Royal Medal winner (1996)
AMS Cole Prize in Number Theory (1997)
AMS Cole Prize for number theory (1997)
LMS Honorary Member (2001)
Shaw Prize (2005)


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