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Academic institutions

Centre de Géotechnique et d'Exploitation du Sous-sol

Ingeniería Electrónica en Redes y Comunicación de Datos

Energenius Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology

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Distinguished Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, The Ohio State University, Columbus. Chair, Department of Anthropology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, United States.

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Omertaa - Journal for Applied Anthropology / Anthropology

Omertaa - Journal for Applied Anthropology

Overview :
Omertaa, journal for Applied Anthropology, was launched in January, 2007. It is an international peer reviewed journal, with an academic board, publishing on issues which belong to the broader field of Applied Anthropology and related issues. The offices are located in Leuven (Belgium), which is also the residence of the supporting organisation: Expeditions, Research in Applied Anthropology. The concept 'Omertà' is commonly known in the meaning given to it through popular movies and literature in the late 30's as a code of silence practised by the Mafia; a refusal to give evidence to the police about criminal activities. The 'Omertà' as it is seen in the perspective of this journal traces the concept back to its underlying cultural form. It is a widely known and applied social system of peasant cultures of which we can find the basics in every culture: the conspiracy of silence. The etymology of the word is often traced back to its presumed Spanish roots where it refers to 'manliness' (hombredad). We however prefer the Latin roots: a dialectal alteration of umiltà (humility, modesty, from Latin humilitās). The goals of the Omertaa journal are: - To be a forum for anthropologists working in- and outside universities. - To encourage a bridge between practice inside and outside the university. - To explore the use of anthropology in policy research and implementation. - To serve as a forum for inquiry into the present state and future of anthropology in general.


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  • Regulation of metabolism
    John Wiley & sons, New-York


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