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In the CIRS website, you will find : links towards scientific societies, research institutes, laboratories and universities all over the world wide web; a directory of researchers, sorted by topic ; a selection of scientific awards, journals, reference books, libraries & scientific bookshops. All the major scientific disciplines are covered : life sciences, earth sciences, physics, mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, archaeology, anthropology, medicine and technology.

Academic institutions


Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology

Institute of Experimental Medicine

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Researchers and scientists

Computer science / PATT, YALE N.

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Ernest Cockrell, Jr. Centennial Chair in Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin Head of the High Performance Substrate / High Performance Systems Research Group

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Academic and research journals

Bowen Journal of Agriculture / Life sciences

Bowen Journal of Agriculture

Overview :
The Bowen Journal of Agriculture serves to provide information for effective management of agriculture and associated innovations. It publishes papers in the fields of agricultural economics, forestry, crop production and mechanization, wood technology, food sciences and technology, rural sociology and extensions, environmental management, soil science, animal science and fisheries management.


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Key figures

33 690 Academic institutions
900 Researchers and scientists
6 230 Academic and research journals
2 800 Prizes and awards
2 120 Reference books
3 490 Academic libraries
370 Bookshops

Reference books

  • Les céréales à paille, 206p
    Softwort ITM


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